64 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Surviving Domestic Violence (Michael Smith)

Michael Smith is overwhelmingly an easy going man despite his life experiences. He has an easy laugh and adores the people in his life. We met for the first time over coffee shortly after the 2016 Presidential election and had a great time connecting over racism, the election results, life and essential oils. 

Michael Smith was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI and is a descendant of the original Black settlers to the Central Michigan area. He graduated early from Creston High School at the age of 17 and entethe US Army in March of 1983. He served on Active Duty in the US Army for eight years and participated in or supported the following: Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada); Operation Desert Shield; Operation Desert Storm; and Operation Provide Comfort. He received an Honorable Discharge from Active Duty and immediately joined Washtenaw County Government and worked in Human Resources and the Foster Grandparent Program before coming to the County Department of Veterans Affairs. Michael began as a County Veteran Service Officer and advanced to the Veteran Services Analyst position and was eventually appointed the Director by the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners on May 18, 2011.

While working in the County, he remained a member of the Army National Guard and US Army Reserves until he retired from the Reserves in April 2004 at the rank of Sergeant First Class. Michael also pursued his education during that time. He graduated from Washtenaw Community College and obtained his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Eastern Michigan University where he studied Public Administration and Political Science. He is the single parent of one daughter who just completed her sophomore year of college and the proud grandfather of one granddaughter. He is a member of American Legion Post #31 in Chelsea, MI.


To connect with Michael:


* Email: smithmgjr@gmail.com