65 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Surviving Losing a Parent (Tonia McIntosh)

I love Tonia. We've known each other for years when we both lived in Las Vegas. She attended tons of my Yin and hot yoga classes when I first began teaching yoga at a local hot yoga studio and we became fast friends. Spending time before or after class catching up. We always made time to celebrate birthdays and life together over meals. She's a fascinating, kind, loving and tolerant human. Her quiet strength is remarkable. 

Tonia McIntosh was born and raised in Michigan and later moved to Las Vegas where she currently resides. It was here that she received her bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the International Academy of Design and Technology. Tonia is an explorer of all forms of self-expression including acting, painting, drawing, dancing and writing. Although she loves many forms of expression, the written and spoken word feels the most like home to her. Tonia’s message is one that includes a heavy emphasis on self-love and care. Navigating her way through her own grieving process after the death of her mother has helped her to see the value in making the most of the time she has. She believes it’s important to nourish and grow relationships - especially the one you have with yourself.


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* Facebook: Tonia McIntosh

* Email: tonialeemcintosh@gmail.com