63 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Surviving Being an Immigrant (Salem Afangideh)

This brave and bold young woman has been practicing law for three years and she's only 23. That means she has grit, determination and doesn't scare easily. And yet, there is a soft side to Salem that I wish others would see. She walks us through how she's been able to survive being a stranger in a land that isn't always loving.


Salem Afangideh is a lawyer,  a yoga instructor, and chief space creator at THRIVE African Girl - a hub for African women.  She is dedicated to using her voice and her power through law to come alongside immigrants, survivors of human trafficking and minorities building businesses and non profits. In the wellness space she is redefining what it means to be a yogi and teaching women to care for themselves. Her life goal is to love well and build well. She loves to connect with new friends through her Facebook and Instagram pages at Yoga Lawyer Salem. And on her website on SalemAfangideh.com. Her new podcast about the African experience is the THRIVE Table Podcast available on iTunes and SoundCloud. 


To connect with Salem:


* Facebook: Yoga Lawyer Salem

* Instagram: @salem_afangideh

* Website: www.SalemAfangideh.com

* Podcast: THRIVE Table Podcast

* Facebook: THRIVE African Girl