95 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Gender Harassment (Lilia Cortina, PhD)

I met Professor Lilia Cortina through our work at the ADVANCE Program at the University of Michigan and I was always impressed with her talks and the research she does on gender harassment and its implications in academia.

Dr Cortina's research centers around the victimization of individuals (especially women) in the social context of work. She focuses in particular on the process by which sexual harassment unfolds, investigating women’s experiences of gender disparagement, unwanted sexual overtures, and sexual coercion in organizations. Dr Cortina also studies non-sexual abuses in the workplace, particularly incivility – i.e., low-level injustices that can accumulate over time to have a significant negative impact on victims.

To connect with Professor Cortina:

Faculty Profile

* Website: The Cortina Lab