94 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Out and Free (Anthony Guillen)

First off, I love Anthony Guillen for so many reasons - his authenticity and vulnerability, his love for humanity and makeup and his humor. We met through a mutual friend and I'm so grateful.

Anthony Guillen resides in Phoenix, AZ. He was born in South Central LA and prides himself with being a child of Salvadoran immigrants. Anthony has a Bachelors and Masters in Social Work and is fluent in English and Spanish. He is a passionate, gay, social activist and a lover of people. He is a therapist and works with children and families in a community health agency. Anthony believes that all people are enough, loved and worthy. He believes every child deserves to be loved and is entitled to it. Anthony dreams of being on the board of education in Arizona and attaining a PhD in Education Development. Anthony prides himself on expressing his gender fluidly and living as he truly is. Some of Anthony’s favorites include singing, arts and crafts, make-up, coffee and flower printed button-ups. Anthony aims to shed light on discussions of the LGBTQ+ community, privilege, trauma, immigration and gender expression.


To connect with Anthony:

* Instagram: @anthonythebrownie