79 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Stories of Sobriety (Chef Bill Haley)

I have yet to meet Chef Bill Haley, a brother from another mother. He's insightful and thoughtful, generous and humble. His passion for food and recovery shines through in all that he does. His artistry touches not just food and nutrition, but his genuine connection with humanity, especially those that are struggling with a life-threatening disease of substance use disorder. He's been there so he can definitely empathize with those in early recovery. Personally, I cannot wait to taste some of his food!

Chef Bill Haley spent his twenties running high-end NYC restaurants with celebrity chefs, creating and learning with some of the leading culinary minds of the time. He also spent them doing drugs, losing himself in the "behind the scenes" party lifestyle. Now sober and an advocate for wellness-centered recovery programs, Chef Haley took note of a major issue in many treatment programs. While the priority was getting patients off drugs and alcohol, the junk food binging and frozen food dinners seemed to be the norm across the board. He quickly realized that you cannot put your recovery in a microwave and expect to be healthy, so why would you do it with your body? He knew that the power of healthy food could equate to a much quicker, longer-lasting, solid recovery built on permanent lifestyle changes. He has found a sustainable and extremely tasteful way to feed people so that it exponentially excels the recovery process while sparking excitement with the tastebuds! We are what we eat, so let's be beautiful and organic! Chef Haley started Culinary Recovery Food in 2016 and has been transforming the food offerings in recovery homes ever since. Changing the taste of recovery one dish at a time!

To connect with Chef Bill:

* IG: @culinaryrecovery

* Website: culinaryrecoveryfoods.com

* Email: culinaryrecovery@gmail.com