78 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Stories of Sobriety (Tahra Luther)

I love Tahra Luther and have since we first met. She helped me tremendously as I navigated my move from Las Vegas, NV to Ann Arbor, MI. She has a heart that is genuine and open to all. She loves big and has a way about her that is authentic and so real. She's an inspiration to many and proclaims my life's theme song, "This Is Me!" 

Tahra Luther was born in Methuen, Massachusetts and lived in Brazil for a few years as a baby. She grew up in Florida, and then moved to Michigan with her parents, where she has resided for the past 22 years. She received her BS in Zoology at Michigan State University, and MS in Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology at University of Michigan. She works as a Lab Manager doing Cancer Immunotherapy at University of Michigan, where she has worked for the past 11 years. She is very involved in her recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, as well as anxiety. She loves to constantly learn, snuggle her beautiful Schipperke pup Cedella, read fiction and personal growth books of all kinds, and spend time with her loved ones, including an abundance of close friends, family, and wonderful loving fiancé Dan. She is half Punjabi (Indian) and loves to learn about her culture. She is extremely grateful for her wonderful life and always appreciates being able to help others in numerous capacities.

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