62 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Surviving Multiple Sexual Assaults (Rachel Bertner)

Rachel Bertner is one of those people that makes you want to be a better version of yourself not only for your community, but for yourself. She's definitely a member of the badass brigade and has allowed her pain to cultivate her passion with working with other survivors to empower them on their path of recovery as well as the perpetrators of sexual assault via the healing therapeutic practice of yoga and other modalities.

Rachel Bertner is a spiritual counselor, yoga teacher, energy educator and healer who specializes in working with women to heal after trauma.  Her own healing from rape, molestation and abuse found resolve in alternative modalities/methods after over a decade of failed western focused attempts. It is her passion to share and educate others about how and why a mind/body connection, results in healing beyond the self. Working exclusively with the release and reset of the mind, body and spirit after trauma, Rachel teaches further to the contemplation of what it means to release the energy of violence or emotional disturbance and recognize it's void. Rachel has taught/teaches at universities, high schools, prisons, rehabs, transitional living homes and works exclusively one on one to help humans understand the energy of their lives and our lives as a collective. Passionate about empowering a collaboration over competition mentality that together, we can change anything - Rachel stands as source of being inspired by the type of adult she needed. Her personal platform centers around empowering accountability, education, progressive change and eye contact with a genuine smile. She connects the disconnected and is committed to finding wholeness in the holes for a reconnection and reintroduction to a life worth living.


To connect with Rachel:


* Website: www.recoveringyoga.com

* Email: rachel.c.bertner@gmail.com