61 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Surviving Drugs and Brain Cancer (Anna Feagans)

Anna Feagans is quite honestly one of my favorite people - and we haven't met yet! Her spirit is one of survival and she has an authenticity that many wish they had. Her heart is open and she loves being of service to others. Her devotion to the traumatic brain injury (TBI) community is beautiful and inspires many.

Anna is no stranger to surviving. She is actually well acquainted with it. On January 31, 2006 she hit rock bottom from years of drug abuse and has been clean for almost 12 years. Day by day she has found her sobriety and doesn't normally talk about the years she's been clean but sticks with the mantra of "today I'm clean". Then in March of 2013, doctors found a 4 cm tumor on her right frontal lobe and after a craniotomy and removal of said brain tumor she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Anna believes in the deep healing of breath, laughter, hope and as a 500hr certified instructor, the practice of yoga. She relies heavily on her faith and the power of laughing in midst of pain, suffering or trials that come with survival. After years of digging into the hard spaces and sifting through what works and what doesn't she is just now discovering what her "new normal" is. She believes in the process, not the outcome; the journey, not the destination. She is now on that beautiful, but painful journey of discovering who she is beyond her survival and learning to thrive with kindness, love, laughter and grace in the midst of it.


To connect with Anna:


Email: annalaura.fullofgrace@gmail.com

FB: www.facebook.com/anna.feagans


To donate to Grey Matters of Southwest Missouri:

Grey Matters of Southwest Missouri exists to provide education, support and financial assistance to those in the Southwest Missouri area impacted by brain cancer, tumors, and other brain traumas.

Website: https://greymattersswmo.com/