What Inspires You?

I've felt a new passion to participate in my community since moving back to my hometown. I’m not sure if I just got comfortable while in Las Vegas and it was comfortable to rest on my laurels, but I’m extremely grateful that a passionate fire has been rekindled in my soul. It feels really good to contribute positively on the behalf of someone who is unable to do it for themselves.

I wore dōTERRA Passion® this morning as my fragrance. It’s my favorite of the Emotional Aromatherapy oils because it’s sweet and spicy like me! It helps to ignite feels of excitement, passion and joy and also counteracts negative feelings of boredom and disinterest. It’s considered the Inspiring Blend which is apropos as it definitely inspires me to go out and do and give, rather than just be or take.dōTERRA Passion® can be used both aromatically or topically.

What’s your favorite Emotional Aromatherapy Blend? And what oil would you like to learn more about?