On That Day

On that day


I chose the hard road of recovery from self-hatred.

I chose to laugh to keep from crying.

I chose to self-deprecate moving from shame to silence.

I chose to covet their relationship without knowing the truth.

I chose to bury my head in the sand regarding romance and finance.

I chose to run away from the loneliness under guise of chasing my dreams.

I chose to trudge, walk with purpose, the road to happy destiny.


On this day


I choose joy over foreboding joy.

I choose to share my fears and my hope with closemouthed friends.

I choose to invest in the relationships in which there is already an investment.

I choose to remove myself from toxic spaces.

I choose safety and strength.

I choose to exercise my voice and speak the truth of my experience.

I choose the hard road of recovery steeped in gratitude for self-love.

I choose to laugh as if this is the last joke I’ll hear.

I choose to settle into solitude and self-reflection.

I choose to appreciate what my eyes see, what my heart knows.

I choose to own up to mistakes and acknowledge them, while reveling in accountability.

I choose to thrive in romance and finance.

I choose to pursue my deepest dreams, hopes and lived experiences.

I choose to trudge, walk with purpose, the road to happy destiny.

I choose to recognize the beauty of hope and love.

I choose to remain connected to the Divine enchanted and enthralled with Divine Love.