Morning Meditation

monDAYs whenever • 15 MINUTES

I record a weekly Monday Morning Meditation. You can listen to them here on my website on the Morning Meds link.


Kettlebell Spin Fusion at Vie Fitness & Spa

Thursdays at 6am • 50 MINUTES

Inspired and formulated by the dynamic and passionate Heather Dupuis, Kettlebell Spin Fusion (KBSF) is intense, fun and incorporates movement training with Kettlebells. KBSF is a well-balanced workout (gives you strength and cardio) and will challenge your mind and change your body! This class is at the Downtown location, 209 S Ashley St, beginning on Thurs, 9/16/18!


Power Vinyasa at Vie Fitness & Spa


Power Vinyasa is a powerful, energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements. 

Yoga at Lord of Light - Lutheran Campus Ministry

tuesDAYs at 12pm • 45 MINUTES

All are welcome to this yoga class at Lord of Light - Lutheran Campus Ministry on the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus. Located at 801 S Forest Ave. Unroll your mat and join us for a 45 minute yoga class. Pay what you can; suggested donation per class is $8-15. Classes begin Tues, 9/4/18!




Wind down your day and week with AromaYin - essential oils with yin. Yin allows you to slow down, holding poses 3-5 minutes which gets you deep into your yin tissues (joints, ligaments and tendons). AromaYin is the perfect complement to your more active yang practice (power vinyasa, power yoga, CrossFit, functional training, hot yoga, running, indoor cycling, Kettlebells and more). This class is limited to 10 people and will take place at theTYPEAhippie Wellness Center, 527 E Liberty St, Ste 207. Classes are $20 and begin on Thurs, 9/4/18, discounts if you purchase a class card. Register for class here.




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