98 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Holistic Healing (Dr Saudia Major & Michelle Buggs)

I had the learned about 3N1 Fitness before I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Saudia and Michelle. Several friends knew I was in the market for a new fitness center/studio and they suggested 3N1 Fitness. I went to the studio's grand opening and met the pair and invited them to be on the podcast.

Dr Saudia Major, a native of South Carolina, is a Clinical Psychologist at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital and Clinical Instructor at the University of Michigan, specializing in Geriatric & Health Psychology. She has lived with multiple sclerosis since 2003.  Dr Major uses her personal experiences of releasing over 100 lbs and living with MS to educate members of the community about behavioral techniques one can apply to obtain a greater quality of life. She has incorporated exercise into her life as part of her holistic disease management program. Dr Major is certain her exercise and nutrition programs have played a pivotal role in the effective management of her MS.

Michelle Buggs is a native of Illinois, Michelle excelled in basketball throughout high school and college. After graduating from Kent State University with a BA in Communications, Michelle became a Lifestyle Fitness Coach (LFC) as well as a certified group, TRX and spinning instructor. In 2006, she returned to competitive sports, competing in her first two figure competitions (genre of bodybuilding) with great success. Following her passion, Michelle competed in many shows over the coming years and earned her Professional status as an NGA Figure Athlete in 2013, and has gone on to place 1st in six of eight professional competitions. In 2017, she swept her season placing 1st in all three shows and defending two 1st place titles. Michelle enjoys sharing her love of fun and fitness with clients and the greater community. 

To connect with Dr Major and/or Michelle:

* Website: www.3n1fit.com

* Email: info@3n1fit.com

* Facebook: 3N1 Fitness