88 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Attitude of Gratitude (Onawa LaBelle, PhD)

Onawa LaBelle, PhD is one of those people that inspires others without trying. A noticeable cornerstone of her life is gratitude and service. She always remembers the folks who believed in her before she could believe in herself and she pays it forward daily without fail. 

Onawa LaBelle earned her PhD in the Personality and Social Contexts Program in the Psychology Department at the University of Michigan. Drawing heavily upon Positive Psychology, Onawa's work broadly aims to better understand the link between social processes, health, and well-being, with a special interest in underrepresented and at-risk populations. She investigates this link in three ways: First, by examining associations between individual differences in adult attachment styles and health. Second, by extending this work to explore links between attachment, gratitude, and positive outcomes (e.g., post-traumatic growth, social support, health) among people in recovery from Substance Use Disorder. Third, by exploring the role of gratitude and other positive psychology processes (e.g., prosocial behavior, self-efficacy, self-esteem) in the health and wellbeing of people in long-term recovery. Since earning her doctoral degree, Onawa plans to continue conducting research and teach at the University of Windsor in Windson, ON. 

To connect with Onawa:

* Research lab: www.onawalabelle.com

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