7 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Safe Spaces Part 3 (Sue Bidstrup)

I met Sue Bidstrup, many moons ago and I grew to love her infectious smile and positive energy. She is the founder of Great Big Yes! which is all about saying YES! to God's calling on our lives...YES! to living with passion and purpose. She and I have so much in common: she loves Jesus and shares his message of love; she's also a podcaster, sharing the stories of others; she's a yoga teacher; loves essential oils and is from the Midwest. She's my hippie soul sister! Yet we also have some differences and in today's episode, we are talking about some of those differences, many of our similarities and how we are successfully - with some grace and dignity - navigating the aftermath of this circus of an election cycle. 

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* FB: Great Big YES

* IG: @suebidstrup.greatbigyes