47 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Conversation with Global Community Builder (Allison Weber)

Allison Weber is an absolute joy to be around. Her laugh is infectious and her desire to connect with people worldwide is undeniable. Her heart's mission is to humbly see others and provide soul care to the people who are largely unseen in developing countries in Southeast Asia.

Often found with a coffee in hand, Allison Weber has a raucous laugh, but a surprisingly serious side. While her career finds her teaching business communication to University students, she is in the process of developing a Soul Sanctuary, a program that provides sacred spaces for those in need of rest, renewal and restoration. During these weekend retreats, she finds deep joy leading group meditation, facilitating meaningful conversations, and relaxing in any pool of water on a rainbow unicorn floaty. When she is not occupied with those two things, she loves advocating for women as a Sseko Fellow, doing yoga, hiking and trotting the globe. 

Originally from the Midwest, Allison and her husband David have lived in the United States, India, and Thailand. They currently reside in Arizona, but it is the Thai people (and food!) who have her heart. They both hope to return there one day to live and work. 


To connect with Allison:

* Instagram: @shebebrave and @soul.sanctuary