39 | theTYPEAhippie Podcast | ChiCast: Conversation on the Law, Social Justice and Activism (Selena Alonzo)

I had the pleasure of meeting Selena Alonzo and I was struck by how powerful she is. While she has a more quiet demeanor than some others, her strength is evident. Her insight on the law as a University of Michigan law student and social justice work and the impact of incarceration on the people around is much needed in this ongoing discussion.

Selena Alonzo was born and raised in Austin, TX. Selena became the first in her family to attend college at Amherst College in Massachusetts. She graduated with a degree in Law, Jurisprudence, Social Thought and Psychology. Throughout college, Selena began to develop an interest in social justice issues, particularly the failures of our criminal justice system. This interest led to Selena deciding to attend Michigan Law School. Despite being just a 1L, Selena established a lasting legacy at Michigan Law by helping found the First Generation Law Students organization. Her other involvement at the law school includes organizing a LawBreaks trip to assist death row appellants in California, the Unemployment Insurance and Civil-Criminal Litigation Clinics, Street Law, and MDefenders. Selena is an aspiring public defender and will spend her summer working for the Legal Aid Society’s Manhattan Criminal Defense Trial Office.


To connect with Selena:


* IG: selenaalo 

* email: scalonzo@umich.edu