Lift Your Mood, Calm Your Senses

“We are the keepers of the flame.” {Laura Jacobs, Essential Oils Expert & Certified Holistic Health Counselor}

Walking into the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City, UT was invigorating. It took me back to the first time I walked into the Salt Palace Convention Center in September 2012 looking around at the other 7,000 convention attendees. Last year’s attendance jumped to 12,000. Guess how many other dōTERRA users attended this year’s global convention? Eighteen thousand.

dōTERRA essential oils came to my life in 2012 because a dear friend knew how helpful they would be for a health concern of mine, a health concern, I was no longer treating with pharmaceutical drugs. In the first three months of using the oils, I had a perfect average – three out of three – in terms of the oils helping with health and wellness. I continued to use the oils and share them with others because I longed to have them enjoy their own experiences with essential oils. dōTERRA, which means, ‘gift of the Earth’ was truly a gift that continued to give.

Eventually my physical needs were met and gave way to my emotional pockets of need. Always praying for an answer, I realized God was again directing me to his gift to me, the oils. Psalm 138:3 says it beautifully, “On the day I called, you answered me; you made me bold with strength in my soul.” In the last eight months, I have experienced more anxiety, stress and a lack of boldness than I had in a long time. I began to mix my own blends out of necessity, yet a secondary benefit was the fact it sparked my hidden creativity.

Mixology 101

One of my blends that most resonates with new and old friends alike is called, Finding My Voice. This blend includes:

• Balance, the Grounding Blend [The Oil of Grounding]
• Serenity, the Calming Blend [The Oil of Forgiveness]
• Elevation, the Joyful Blend [The Oil of Joy]
• Wild Orange [The Oil of Abundance]
• Whisper, the Women’s Blend [The Oil of Feminity]
• Bergamot [The Oil of Self-Acceptance]
• Geranium [The Oil of Love & Trust]
• Ylang Ylang [The Oil of the Inner Child]
• Fractionated Coconut Oil (simply used as a foundation or base)

These blends really began to lift my mood and calm my senses. I was better able to manage stress and have healthier relationships and more empowered communications. A statement I pray I never forget was uttered by Laura Jacobs during a breakout session she led last month during the dōTERRA Aspire Global Convention, she reminded all who were in attendance the importance of sharing the oils with others as the keepers of the flame.

I want people to know while there is a place for almost everything, encouraging my fellows to feel empowered is one of the reasons I share essential oils with others. It’s because I am responsible. God has brought me to this gift and it would be unfortunate for me to keep the knowledge to myself, so I don’t. I talk about them, post about them. I can’t just say I’m grateful for essential oils; my life ought to be demonstrative of gratitude.

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