Brotherly LOVE for Veterans

 am often disheartened by how members of the military whether active, retired or veterans are treated by our society when they need help the most. Oftentimes, they are abandoned and treated like rubbish, they’re cast aside as if their value has dissipated. This is not so, all have value and even those I am diametrically opposed to (and I’m talking about a different sphere, the political realm) are redeemable with a surrendered heart and spirit. And so as I turn my attention back to this project that is happening in the City of Brotherly Love, my heart is warmed.


It was after seeing cardboard sign after cardboard sign along the streets of Las Vegas and having those images of people filled with despair along with my developing expertise in emotional healing with essential oils and taking yet another yoga teacher training specifically trauma sensitive yoga that the perfect storm was present for the birth of ACT | Aroma Compassion Therapy. You see, I’m a certified yoga teacher, certified yoga therapist and certified to teach trauma sensitive yoga (to those who have experienced trauma and may also have PTSD, alcoholism/addictions, eating disorders, sexual assaults, amongst other traumas) as well as being a certified holistic health counselor and soul coach. As I mentioned before, I have a heart for our military and would love to provide a safe space for members of the military (active, veterans, retired) to heal with yoga therapy and/or essential oil therapy.


Once we as a society remember that we have a responsibility to the military, whether we are in agreement with the war and/or the right to bear arms and/or the mission or cause, once we remember that we ought to be in this together, we can come up with creative solutions or at the minimum start the conversation of how we can heal – together.


You can read more about the project here. To help, please email me at as I would love to connect you with organizations that can help take care of and live alongside our veterans and other military personnel.

Chidimma Ozor