3/1/17 | Daily Drop of Inspiration

Ten years ago I was a hot mess in a dress and today, I’m just in a dress. Definitely not the mess I used to be. And yet, I realize at times I’m wrong. And it’s ok as long as I learn from them. I’m grateful that I’m learning this lesson. And that at times I’ve not only put my foot in my mouth, but it’s gone all the way down my throat. I laugh now about my folly then. Today, I’m grateful for the opportunity for growth and that every day is a new opportunity for a living a life worth living. Ten years is a long time to be able to remember what it was like before being rescued by the Divine. It’s a gift. My life is truly a gift. I’ve almost lost my life at various points and I’m glad that I could grow and develop as the life that would have been lost would not have been my life – the woman who is typing this post – I’ve just changed that much!