2/8/17 | Daily Drop of Inspiration

I have always since I can remember felt out of sorts. As a deeply introverted child, books and my room were my solitude and if I’m honest, they still are. When I was introduced to the oils almost five years ago, my world opened up considerably. The oils were shared with me initially to help with physical issues, yet the longer I used them, I realized that there was an emotional component to them and this was an answer to my prayers and pleas. I remember being at the dōTERRA Convention in Sept 2015 when the Emotional Aromatherapy oils were unveiled. Looking at Passion, Motivate, Cheer, Forgive, Peace and Console, I looked at my upline and shouted in joy, “This is how my brain works! I blend oils like this!” It was a beautiful day. There is something incredibly empowering when the gifts we have been given are acknowledged and/or celebrated. I realize in my life and others, there have been struggles and quite honestly, I would not trade them because of the character building and growth that has come from them. I am extremely grateful for essential oils because they have opened up creativity within me and unleashed significant healing in all the cells of my body.