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AromaFlow Workshop

Sunday, March 25, 2018 at 2pm

at the AADL Westgate branch in Meeting Room B


I started to teach AromaFlow when I lived in Las Vegas, NV. In fact, the studio created the class for me to teach since they knew I loved to teach Power Flow Yoga or Power Vinyasa and that I love, love, love essential oils. You will walk away from this workshop learning how you can incorporate essential oils into your life - on and off the mat. In addition, you'll leave with one 10ml handmade essential oil creation to address stress, mood, wellness, skin, energy, flow or rest! Can't wait to see you!




• Yoga is available for everybody and every body.
• Essential oils can enhance your yoga practice.
• Essential oils can enhance your life beyond your yoga mat.
• Learn more about essential oils and feel empowered to access all of their healing properties.
• Take a deep breath in and exhale!



A yoga flow plus a substantive essential oil education to empower you to start or continue using essential oils on and off your mat. Plus, you'll create or co-create a 10ml essential oil blend dedicated to addressing stress, mood, wellness, skin, energy, flow or rest!

To book your spot, click here and remember space is limited.


Your registration fee is non-refundable.